Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Desi Mutton ( Laal Maans )

Ingredients :
1 mutton 1000 gm
2 Ghee/oil 200 gm
3 Dahi 200 gm
4 Onion 200 gm
5 Lahsun 100 gm
6 Adrak 25 gm
7 Namak 25 gm
8 Lal Mirch 25 gm
9 Dhania 25 gm
10 Haldi 5 gm
11 Jeera 5 gm
12 Badi Elaichi 2 No.
13 Dalcheeni 2 pieces 1" each
14 Loung 4 No.
15 Tejpatta 2 No.
16 Hari Mirch 1 No.
17 Hara Dhania 20 gm

Method of preparation:
1. Slice one onion and keep aside. Grind Onion, Lahsun and Adrak.
2. Wash Mutton pieces. Add Dahi, grinded Onion, Lahsun, Adrak, Namak, lal mirch, Dhania, Haldi and jeera to mutton and mix well.
3. Heat ghee/oil in a pressure cooker. Add Badi Elaichi, Dalcheeni, Loung and Tejpatta.
4. After 30 seconds add one sliced onion. Fry till onion turns golden brown. Add finely cut Hari mirch to it.
5. Add marinated mutton to it and cook till the oil separates.
6. Add 600 ml warm water and cover the lid.
7. After the first whistle, adjust the heat and keep on flame for 20 minutes.
8. Turn off the gas and keep the lid covered for another 5 minutes.
9. Open the lid and add half quantity of Hara Dhania to it and cover the lid.
10. Garnish with remaining Hara dhania before serving.

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Anonymous said...

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